Discovering Membership Seminar:

If you are new to Rock Church, your starting point is Discovering Membership Seminar.

  • Where you discover more about Rock Church’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Where you are equipped with tools to ignite your spiritual passion.
  • Where you gain insight into your spiritual SHAPE and how to live a life of significance through service.


Being Baptized is an important step in a Christian’s life – we believe that all those who follow Jesus should follow His example. In Matthew 3 we see that John the Baptist baptized Jesus himself.

Baptism is a symbolic act by which we share in the death and life of Jesus Christ. Jesus died and was buried for the sake of our sins. The process of being submerged in the water represents the death and burial of our old life. But Jesus was also raised from the dead in order to give us eternal life. As we’re raised out of the water, it represents our newfound life in Christ. By being baptized we’re essentially saying that we identify with what Jesus went through for us.

Join a Home Group:

Home Groups are small groups that meet at various homes on Tuesday evenings for the purpose of providing an atmosphere for building friendships, prayer, and encouragement.

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