Welcome to The Rock!

Our desire is to empower lives, strengthen families, and foster lasting relationships through the eternal truths of God’s Word. In an age of insecurity and instability, it is our goal to lead you to the ‘Rock of Ages’ – Jesus Christ. We want to help anchor your life to His Word, which is our foundation of truth and love. If God is first-place, hearts are healed and your life is blessed, we will have succeeded in our Mission.

It is our prayer that your time with us will be a joyful and lasting experience.

In Jesus’ Love,  

Pastor Don Conner


Our mission is to be:

Clear in our Message

Celebrating in our Worship

Consecrated in our Lifestyle

Connected through our Gifts

Caring in all our Relationships

Constant in our Fellowship

Convincing in our Outreach

Consistent in our Purpose

Coordinated in our Methods

Contemporary in our Delivery


Our church doors are open wide to people of all backgrounds regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. So whether you are a spiritual seeker who is just starting to ask questions about God and faith, or a committed Christian who wants to sink the roots of your faith even deeper, or anywhere in between you can find a home here at Rock Church.

We are affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International and whoeheartedly support the message and the ministries of the UPCI.

RC of Simi Valley is a part of three divisions of the UPCI:

  1. Worldwide Church (International)
  2. SoCal District of the UPCI
  3. Section Four of the SoCal District

Note: We work together and fellowship with churches in the UPCI, but are not limited to those churches belonging to UPCI. We also work together and fellowship with other denominations of like precious faith.

What is the United Pentecostal Church?

  • It is a ministerial fellowship comprised of ministers who believe the same doctrine and practice the same faith.
  • It is the largest association of Oneness Pentecostal churches in the world.
  • It is one of the most diverse associations of churches in the world. The UPCI church includes every race, nationality, and ethnic group.
  • It is one of the fast growing groups in the world.

What is the Mission of the UPCI?

The Mission Statement of the UPCI is “The Whole Gospel to the Whole World.” It is exciting to be part of a group with this kind of vision!

Why not be an Independent Church?

We ARE an independent church! Every UPCI church is completely independent. There is no denominational control or hierarchy, as there are in most other denominations. Each church is self-governed and determines its own affairs.

  • Every UPCI church chooses its own pastor.
  • Every UPCI church owns its own building and assets.
  • Every UPCI church determines its own ministries.


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